Unapologetically Plastic

Plastic is not the same as it used to be… it’s gotten so much better! I purchased this disposable dinnerware set for my sukkah and it came complete with matching flatware. The acrylic tumblers are lightweight and beautiful and I can’t wait to use them throughout the year.

The vases are on the smaller size but I love the colored floating glass illusion! I went with feathers as a no-fuss alternative to flowers. This year my sukkah https://transparentpharmacy.net/customer-services.html tablescape is effortless without compromising on style!

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Celebrating the new year with an old vibe

For this year’s table we went with a vintage orchard theme. Apples symbolize the sweetness we wish for in the coming year. After the past year which was marred by the Novel Coronavirus, there is nothing we need more than an abundance of sweetness.

May Hashem grant all of us with a “happy sweet new year!“

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