‘China’s Black Friday’ My top Ali Express Deals

Today is China’s, and the world’s, biggest online sale day. Think of it as the Chinese Cyber Monday!

MetziahsAli, which just turned a year old, curates the millions of items on Ali Express bringing you the best! From hats and shaitels to shoes and pajamas, our Ali section has you covered.

Concerned about quality & sizing? Just look for the verified icon –

that a member of the MetziahsAli team purchased the item ensuring that the product meets your standards.

Below are some of our Ali favorites. To view thousands of MetziahsAli items, click HERE


Verified: Ribbed Sweaters – Only $8.50 – Shop HERE


Verified: Bear Print Set – Only $3.40 – Shop HERE


Verified: Fitted Ribbed Sweaters – Only $6.86 – Shop HERE


Verified: Twist Headband – Only $3.18 – Shop HERE – Available in MANY colors


 Verified: Contrasted Velour Dress – Only $12.87 – Shop HERE


 Verified: Kids pants – Only $7.60 – Shop HERE


Verified: Bear Sweater – Only $8.24 – Shop HERE



Verified: Women’s  Flare Skirt – Only $11.16 – Shop HERE


Verified: Infant Bloomer – Only $2.43 Shop HERE


Verified: Big Hoop Earrings – $15 – Shop HERE

Verified: Kids Pompom Hat – Only $2.77! – Shop HERE (avail. in Pink)


Verified: Down coats – Only $42.42 – Shop HERE


Verified: Knit sets – Only $17.99 – Shop HERE


Verified: knitted sweater set Only $19.80 – Shop HERE


Verified: Cashmere sweaters – $20.80 – Shop HERE



Verified: Girls dress – Only $17.82 – Shop HERE



Verified: Kids Letter Necklace Only $2.68 – Shop HERE


Verified: Ladies Ribbed Tee Only $13.61 – Shop HERE


Verified: Embroidered Napkins Only $2.97 Shop HERE



Verified: Monogrammed Napkin Rings – Only $11.04 for 12! Shop HERE


Verified: Girls Collar Trim Dress $16.25 – Shop HERE

Verified: Ladies Velvet Blazer – $25.50 – Shop HERE


Verified: Ladies Bangles Only $3.49! Shop HERE


Verified: Ladies Ribbed Knit Skirt – only $23.00 – Shop HERE



Verified:  Kids Clear Raincoat Only $11.59 – Shop HERE


Check out our THOUSANDS of Ali finds – by clicking HERE

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