Comprehensive LEGOLAND NY Review

We have Been eagerly awaiting the opening of lego land in Goshen, NY and the park did not disappoint.

Tickets are expensive 89.99 per person (kids 2 and under are free.)

But the park was amazing! There were rides for all ages- next to each big ride there was a corresponding kiddie ride for the little ones.

Here’s a list of our favorite rides!

Lego Factory adventure ride

This one was an adorable ride for all ages it’s a fully immersive ride experience And we all loved it!

Ninjago ride

Was so fun and gets everyone involved by having you move your hands to kill the virtual ninjas and it keeps score so you can compete with your family.

The dragon

It’s a fun roller coaster ride but starts off with an exhibit of a lego castle with life-size legos!

Palace cinema 

This 4D 15-minute lego movie was hilarious and so fun! It was face paced and full of surprises.

Driving school

They took go-carts to a new level by making the roads more realistic! 

Duplo express

is very exciting for the very little ones because it literally looks like a train they may have built with their Duplo!

Splash battle 

Chilled boat ride where you can splash onlookers but the onlookers are busy spraying you as well! 


An enjoyable exhibit of mini lego cities enjoyable for all ages!

There is so much cuteness in Lego Land the kids really loved it and so did we! 


When arriving obtain a list of showtimes – the big test stunt show was very cute, and Lego City 4D is a must!

Kosher Food

A follower let us know that Brick street Cafe on the Main Street has a fridge with kosher sandwiches.

KJ (Kiryas Yoel) is very close by (roughly 15 minutes)and they have everything there! 

Lego Land Hotel Review

Are you think of staying over and doing the park in two days? Well, there’s definitely enough to see and you can split up the park for a two-day trip. The hotel is pretty expensive tho and the rooms aren’t that large.

They have a separate place in each room with a bunk bed for the kids and we had a trundle as well. There is a screen for the kid’s section preloaded with all the lego movies and two lego boards and a bucket of lego to keep the kids busy in the room! 

The rooms are cute and you can choose from four different themes.

They had bedtime stories for kids in the lobby.

The hotel has an arcade a creative workshop and a pool( which hadn’t been open at the time of our stay.)

One of the cutest features was their elevators which turn into a mini disco as soon as the doors close. 

All in all the hotel was cute but the rooms were small… the employees were helpful but they were understaffed(we came on their 3rd day).

The cost per night was high at $699. 

So you’re getting a themed stay right by the park but you’re definitely paying a premium.

There is a Holiday in Express very close by… next time we would probably stay there:) 

If you’re planning a few-day trip it’s probably helpful to know that it’s close by to some other attractions such as Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets and The Castle.

Monsey is roughly 30 minutes away.

KEEP IN MIND: If you want to go back a second time, you can upgrade to a season pass…

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