DIY Topiary Planter




1) Plant Ball Decoration (Takes time to ship) | Only $2.20 – Get it HERE

2) Glass Vase | Only $20.99 – Get it HERE

3)  Wire Floral Wire (100 pcs) | Only $6.99 – Get it HERE

4) Set of 2 Foam Bricks | Only $4.11 – Get it HERE

5) Waterproof Ribbon 4″ (18 Yards) | Only $18.99 – Get it HERE


1- Place the foam into the planter

2- Cut the second foam to size

3- Cut the ribbon to the length of the foam.

The width should be cut to the width of the vase. (Wider than the width of the foam)

Glue the ribbon on top of the foam!

4- Loop a wire through the topiary ball- resulting in two ends sticking out of the ball!

5- Stick the topiary ball ,into the covered foam, by using the wires.

6- Repeat with all three! Be sure to stick the wires straight down until secure!

7- Enjoy the finished product!




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