From Women to Men, Clothing to Home goods, Modest fashion site Metziahs offers FREE personal shopping

Founded in 2015, has been called a game-changer for women who dress modestly. They find deals from across the web working with the largest fashion sites to deliver consistent, high-quality products that are trendy, modest, and on sale.

It takes a lot of effort to curate all the deals on a daily basis. The team at Metziahs does it all – manually too. Dovi, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Metziahs, explained during an interview with the software company Mobiloud, that algorithms and automated systems often come up short when it comes to people’s fashion, style, and individual taste – especially when modesty is involved. Algorithms also miss some deals where there’s a discount at checkout or a promo code, so for now the Metziahs team does all the work themselves!

For a lot of their fans and app users, they are the ‘first stop’ when researching items or shopping online.

Metziahs has filled a need for busy women everywhere who don’t have the time to shop through the myriad of daily sales, bringing the best in fashion deals not only for women but for kids and expectant moms as well.

In 2017, Metziahs launched a Men’s section highlighting amazing finds at low prices from classic Charles Tyrwhitt shirts to luxury Ferragamo and Prada footwear.

Next came their Home Goods section showcasing couches, chairs, outdoor furniture, and more, with the same equation. Trendy, high quality, and on sale.

Now they launched a feature called ‘deal request’ where anyone can request an item they are looking for and the Metziahs team finds it for them. Their beta program was a success and was recently made available to the public. It is literally a free personal shopper – two clicks away.  It can be accessed at:

Fay Rabinowitz, Founder and Managing Director of Metziahs, said this Sunday at a company meeting, “we are getting ever closer to achieving household name status where people say they shop at Amazon, Metziahs, & Nordstrom.”

About Metziahs

Metziahs is the web’s #1 modest clothing shopping destination. Founded in 2015, Metziahs offers a wide range of modest and tznius clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and home goods to offer customers an ideal wardrobe inspiring women to dress modestly and beautifully without breaking the bank.

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