Guestroom Simplified


Do you Enjoy hosting but don’t have a designated guest room? For this post we took a simple and boring office and transformed it into an inviting space. We used bright floral bedding to add color to the bland white walls and compiled some amenities to make your guests’ stay more comfortable. When your guests are gone just roll up the linen, stow away the table and your back to work!



Lucia Guest Soap Pack, Assorted, 0.88 Ounce



1) Lucia Guest Soap Pack 

Only $17.50

Organic pure essential oils; Revitalizing and energizing Antiseptic and balancing


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IMG_2799 (1)


2)Tissue Box Cover

Available now for only $20.99

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3)  Personalized Bedside Water Carafe and Glass Set

Available now for only $37.44 

Diameter: 15 inches – Material Glass

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FullSizeRender4)  Faux Leather Headboard

  Available for Only $65.33                                             

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5) Kosher lamp

 Available from $39.95

Price varies slightly by color


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FullSizeRender  6) 6pc Waffle Towel Set

Only $29.99

Available in 3 colors

2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 wash towels in set

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7) Faux Peony Arrangement

Available for $16.99

arranged in glass vase

approximately 10in W x 7in H x 7in L

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8) Acrylic Tray Table
Available for $119.99

Dimensions: 22″ x 19″ x 15″


No assembly required

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FullSizeRender9) Acrylic 2 shelved nightstand
Available for $124.99

23.5 H x 18.5 W x 11.75

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51wqKS+2R+L._SY679SX199_SY679_CR,0,0,199,679_PIbundle-24,TopRight,0,0_SX199_SY679_CR,0,0,199,679_SH20_ (1)   10) VOSS Artesian Water
Available for $26.42

Pack of 24

500 ML -Plastic

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11) White Leather Guest Book

The word ”Guests” is embossed on the front cover.

White ribbon bookmark keeps your place.


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IMG_2811 (1)12) Pink Magnolia Print 3D Duvet Cover Sets
Available for $289 $63.79

Ships from Poland

Thread Count: 400

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Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

Happy hosting,









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  1. love everything about this post! can you please post a rug to go with this decor of the guest room? thanks

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