How to host a party!


Are you overwhelmed with the idea of hosting your first event? Well I’m here to help as it’s one of my favorite things to do. Let me help guide you through the planning stages and give you tips for the day of!


I first start with the decor because that’s my favorite part!

I plan the tablecloths, dishes, flatware, stemware and of course the flowers! I used to buy plastic dishes that were really pretty, and minimized cleanup but.. it was costly. So I recently invested in a set of dishes for events to save in the future.

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My next usual step is ordering something custom- ideas include; customized napkins, Sign in boards, personalized chopsticks, and candy favors. It may be costly but it makes your guests feel like you really went all out to make this a night to remember.


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Next comes food! It’s a pretty big part of any affair…. I usually order the food since I don’t have a lot of extra time. I find that ordering 9×13’s is a simple way to save time & it’s not as costly as catering.
I’ve ordered trays of assorted chicken fingers, Chinese dishes, Sushi trays and it’s always worked out! Cooking on your own is great but it can cause tension before the event
What’s a party without whom to share it with.
You need to make a list of who you’d like to invite.. I always over invite because people can’t make it or back out and nothing’s worse than an empty party! You can make an invitation by using an online template and then text it to Family and Friends. Include all the information (Date. Time. Place.) so that you don’t have to keep responding with additional details.
Be sure to write down all the responses so that you have an exact count!

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Now that it’s all coming together you can start thinking about entrainment.
Ideas include;
Paint nite
Food presentation
Musical performance
Photo booth

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13. 50 place cards – Only $5.99

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15. Curtains Pack of 2 for $9.99

16. Large tablecloth – Only $19.88


Some tips for the day of:
-Place all your drinks in the fridge.
-Designate a spot for coats (empty out your coat closet.)
-Start setting up early so that your not rushed and worn out by the time the gig starts.
-Create a playlist that’s appropriate for an event – I download instrumental music since it lends to the atmosphere but doesn’t overpower!
-You may want to figure out a game plan like appoint someone to help you welcome, serve and cleanup!
-Be sure to get dressed and ready early so that your not running to your room when the guests start arriving!
-Make sure to take pictures:)



There’s a real joy of hosting- you get to create an environment that’s all about the comfort and enjoyment of your guests and there’s nothing that feels better than giving to others!
Now that you’ve opened your Home and your heart you’ll find yourself offering it more often ( once you recover from the cleanup that is;)

Happy Hosting,




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  1. Wow, awesome! You’re so talented! Thank you. I love your blogs and look forward to the next one! I always go back to your previous blogs and review them! Love everything about them. Keep them coming!!!!

  2. Wow Amazing!! Making running a home Happy & Fun so so easy!! Keep it coming- Such practical ideas.

  3. I love ur blog. You should be getting more exposure.

    I hosted a party once, everything was gorgeous and fantastic but… We forgot pictures!! So, yeah..

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