INFLATION – YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Normalizing the pinch

In the past grocery shopping was simple. you came, you shopped, and you left. Now with the steady increase in costs, we take pause and contemplate on the worthiness of each item we place into our cart! It’s not just the cost of food shopping that has changed but rather the cost of everything from luxuries to basics.

Most Families have seen an increase in tuition costs. The cost of household help has gone up and the cost of leasing a minivan is so high you’d think you’re getting a Rolls Royce. I came to the conclusion that everything is going up besides Household Incomes.

So while most of us are feeling the pinch in our wallets, there isn’t much representation for the struggle in our society. It is a pity for each of you to be stressing out privately unaware that the majority of your neighbors are experiencing the same thing.

I shared this thought on Instagram and asked my followers to share some ways that they are cutting back in an effort to normalize the struggle. There were so many responses, some of which really pained me and for families that were already budgeting there isn’t much left to cut back on.

I hope that it is some solace to know that you are not alone and while your friends might not tell you..know that they are making sacrifices too.

Below are some of the Responses we received…

It is my hope we can ‘normalize the pinch’ and understand that many, many, people out there are sharing the same struggles. You are not alone!

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2 thoughts on “INFLATION – YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Normalizing the pinch

  1. Thank you for starting the conversation.
    It is so nice to see I am not alone in this! When you look around, it all seems like everyone is doing fine, this is so relieving.

  2. loved these posts we are all int his together hopefully some of these ideas can help others personally,
    we eliminated going out for pizza. we bought the betty crocker machine and we use it every week the pizza
    is hot and delicious and you save a ton of money

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