May Flowers



With May being the only month they sell my favorite flowers (peonies) and Shavuos coming I figured a post was in order!

The DIY bouquets are really simple and you can go with real or faux, the same instructions apply for both!

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1- To get started you need:
  • A-Vase- 6″ or 8″ square short vase
  • B-Peonies from your local flower shop or faux ones ($11.99)
  • C- floral wire ($6.99) or a rubber band
  • D-Aspidistra Ribbon ($18.99)
  • E- scissors ✂️ 
2- take your flowers and start by cleaning them up- remove some leaves – arrange them into a bouquet 
3- twist the wire around the flowers – make sure the arrangement is secure – and cut the stems!
4- Take the Aspidistra Ribbon cut off a piece and line the vase
5- Add water and place the flower arrangement inside the vase!


FullSizeRenderYou  can  use  these  tropical  leaves as  placemats  and  gold  accented paper  goods  for  a  really  fun  look!






Hope you enjoyed!

Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂




3 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. Wow!! You’re amazing! I love your taste! Thanks for the superb ideas!! Keep them coming. Really enjoy reading ur blogs

  2. Love it!!! my friend set her table exactly like this for shabbos and it looked awesome!! 😉

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