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After months of developing, strategizing, & planning- we are almost pleased to announce our latest project, The Metziahs Chirp. A place  where Women can  feel free to ask, answer, & discuss anything on one platform. From sharing recipes to having a massive “Resale Chat” – Chirp is the place to come.


Rules: There is enough negativity & “excessive judginess” out there already – we don’t need to add to it. Our moderators will strictly enforce this policy & violations can result in a user being banned from Politics & discussions about people are not welcome here. There is only a thumbs up to like a comment – no thumbs down 🙂

The purpose is to feel comfortable & relaxed. Just act like a mentsch & enjoy!


Such as Resale, Beauty, Deals etc.

There are topics & replies within each category. Please be sure any topic you create is within the same “ball-park” as the category name. For example Beauty  should not have a topic about PTA 🙂 We added a description below each category to help you clarify.


Users can create any topic within a category but cannot create categories. So if you notice a category missing – or if you feel something should be added, let us know via the comments below!



As shown in the photo below – Create a topic (in the category it belongs) and have the option to be notified when you get a response.


When creating a topic keep your title short and elaborate in the following box!




You are required to log in  to leave a response. Replies can be added on the bottom of the page – in the blue box.
You can also respond to a specific commentator.
(There is an option to flag a reply if you feel it is innapropriate. Our moderators will determine the outcome.)



On the mobile version, it is just about the same except the menu is on the side as shown here



There are other features as well such as uploading an image which will prove important for the Deals & Resale categories, private messaging by clicking on an avatar/photo.

 Clicking on the house icon (and photo of 5 women) directs you to the chirp home page & clicking the Metziahs logo directs you to the Metziahs home page  etc etc.

Right now we are primarily focused on feedback! If there are any features you want, changes, added categories or ANYTHING else please reply via the comment section below so we can get on it!




All the best,




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