Toy Closet How-To


Getting the toys organized was on a bucket list of mine and I feel super accomplished now that it’s done.

In the excitement of it all I forgot to snap a before picture…. But it got me thinking how you can’t have an after without a before…. Like with all things in life that we can only appreciate once we’ve experienced the void or pain.

So no shame in before pictures (whether its of closets or of our lives) as long as we are striving for the after!

Below are some tips that I am sharing based on what worked for us!


–  Make sure to set aside time so that you are not in a rush! This shouldn’t be stressful!


–  Look at this as a project not a chore!


–  Get your family involved. The kids can help you transfer the toys into new boxes.


–  Toss away the toys that are never used or missing pieces. (If it’s in give away condition that’s always a good choice!


–  If you have toys for specific stages that no longer fit your children’s needs- store them in a separate box and label them by age. When you have guests or future kids you will be able to take them right out!


–  Don’t keep toys in different misshaped boxes – transferring everything into uniform containers will make a huge difference!


–  Be specific when you label- even if you know where everything belongs  your children,spouse or housekeeper may not know!


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