Welcome Home

Welcome Home!

You know how they say eyes are the windows to your soul…so your front door is the window to your home.
Painting your front door black can raise the selling price of your home by six thousand dollars. Point being that a simple coat of paint and some charming touches can add a lot of value and curbside appeal to your house!


So whether your trying to sell your house or simply trying to live in it… let’s take a look at your front door and gaze into its soul.

Fun Fact: Zillow found that on average, houses with black or charcoal gray front doors sold for as much as $6,271 more than expected.


This was the old door 🙂




We felt that the designed glass on our door seriously dated our home. We found that Home Depot front doors were really well priced. However we had a couple shipping disasters as it arrived twice damaged! By the third try it came in all it’s glory! (Don’t worry with each failed attempt they provided us with an additional discount of over $100)
After having it installed we purchased a high gloss black paint and that really brought about the magic!

Get it HERE for only $864!



This fun doormat is bold and fun! Adding some character to our home!

Get it HERE for only $30.99!

Light fixture

Besides for being too small and blah The existing light fixture hung oddly, so we replaced it with a more updated one!

Get it HERE for only $59.99

Door Knob

For the door knob we went with something grand and stately to add some wow factor!

Get it HERE for only $180.56

Add about $200 for installation & another $200 to paint it and here it is – the whole upgrade for about $1500!



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