Citing 'Under-represented' Women, Metziahs Launches 'Curve' section

October 5 2021

Metziahs launched a curve section for plus-sized women seeking to shop trendy, fashionable, and affordable clothing.

For too long Plus-size women had limited options when it came to fashion.... We are delighted to say those days are over."

Fay, Founder and managing director of

Studies reveal that more than 50% of Women in the USA are plus-size, yet are incredibly under-represented in the fashion-industry.

Metziahs has received numerous requests throughout the years to cater to the plus-size community and has just answered.


Founder and managing director Fay announced "We are thrilled to announce our latest project, which will enable Plus-size women to be treated just like everyone else." Adding, "For too long Plus-size women had limited options when it came to fashion. Styles were limited and incredibly overpriced. We are delighted to say those days are over."

The new section dubbed 'Metziahs Curve' will feature plus-size modest clothing from dresses, tops and skirts, to outerwear from popular brands and sites such as Saks, Athletica, Nordstrom, their own MetziahsDirect and others.


Plus-size is a bit more complex than standard sizing, in fact in 2018 Loft debuted their plus size collection and a brief 3 years later closed it down "due to Covid-19," but the Metziahs team is confident and excited.

Co-founder and Marketing director, Dovi, noted the team will work harder, saying "Our amazing team is ready and excited for the curve section, it will require extensive work, but we are thrilled about our new collaborations which will enable us to service the entire community - leaving no one out of the Metziahs family."

Online bloggers and everyday people have called the plus-size fashion world a social injustice and basic human right. Metziahs is here to help.


Metziahs is a popular fashion deal site. They focus on modest, and trendy fashion but have subsequently added Men's kids and home goods sections. They built apps for iOS & Android a few years ago and have been referred as a 'key player' in Modest fashion.