The Seminary Raffle
WIN: Seminary Tuition or 25K!

January 12, 2021

Win seminary tuition or up to $25k CASH in the Seminary Raffle!

Going to seminary? Great- this raffle is for you!
Not going to seminary? Still great- this raffle is for you too!

Bais Yaakov D’Rav Hirsch is proudly running its annual Seminary Raffle to win money towards seminary tuition or up to $25,000 cash.

Get your tickets today at

Past winners have put the money towards:
home renovations
seminary and college tuition
personal investments
…and more!

YOU can be the next winner.
Claim your tickets at

In the Seminary Raffle, there are no limits. Your prize can go towards anything you’d like. From seminary tuition to a new car to a long-awaited vacation, your dreams can turn into reality.

All you’ve got to do is enter and you unlock a chance to win big while giving tzedakah too.

Enter to win at


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