Thousands of you were called yesterday in an anonymous robocall calling out a stunning new Women’s clothing store here in Lakewood, decrying their ‘tznius level,’ urging people not to shop there.

As the owner of Offline By Metziahs, a fairly new clothing store, I am all too familiar with the process of opening a new store. From the construction to the design to hiring employees, HR, payroll – this is all before we get to the clothing. Simply put, It is a massive undertaking. 

There are many clothing stores which cater to many crowds. Just like music, there is something for everyone, but not everything is for everyone. It goes without saying, it is the store owner’s duty and responsibility to consult with his or her LOR prior to opening to ensure all Halachos are being adhered to. 

‘Uncertified robocalls’ should be universally condemned.

At Metziahs, prior to launching our site, we were given pretty strict guidelines which we follow. Many other sites do not follow these guidelines, but their Rabbonim were likelier more lenient. Judaism is not black and white. Even those crying Halacha Halacha, there are many variables in every individual question. Just look at the Halacha section at the local Judaica store… While covering 4 inches below the knee may be easy for some, covering 4 inches above may be a milestone for others. It is no one else’s responsibility nor business to get involved and start playing referee. If a store needs to be ‘changed’ there are normal ways to do so (IE Speak with them…). Any drastic move  must only be done by a leading Rav, not ‘Rabbi anonymous.’ For someone to call thousands of homes in the name of ‘Tznius, is an incredibly disgraceful thing, it should never be tolerated or allowed to happen and likely borders on defamation.


‘Uncertified robocalls’ should be universally condemned. Let us fix ourselves before running around fixing others. There are ways of dealing with issues, this is not one of them. We need more unity not division.

In summation: Everyone is holding on a different level. We each have an obligation to protect our own standards but that doesn’t require us to call out others publicly. To shame and defame another yid causes so much division and chilul hashem. Let’s work on our personal growth and affect others through osmosis.


  1. We need more of this in our community. We’re all different and that’s ok!!
    Thank you for this wonderful post

  2. A store which prides itself as being a semi club has no room in Judaism I don’t care what you personally wear or do it’s the fact that your establishing a store with no morals or standards, metziahs you missed the boat

  3. Thank you! It’s time for everyone to work on ahavas yisroel for all- including those who dress according to Halacha and not chumra

  4. What a load of horsesh”t. Have you seen the video? I am not as frum as I would like to be.. and even for me that was unacceptable… this whole we are all different strings in the harp approach.. definitely does not apply here. This should be condemned. Who is behind the Calls is a separate story.. Not the main point at all.

  5. While I think the runway show was not really appropriate, the store does sell tznius clothing and that is the point. I’m wondering if any of the people that are so against the store have even gone in. The robocall makes it sound like the store is Sodom and that is horrific. Whoever thought the call was a good idea, should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. From what I understand it was a private gathering- invite only. It’s sadly misunderstood especially in Lakewood. Opening a clothing store has nothing to do with Rabbanim. It is not a shul or a school. Please please learn to differentiate.

  7. Robo calls are a total disgrace, not MiaMod. We can all unanimously agree that everybody HATES getting those obnoxious robo calls.

  8. A. Had it been a store selling drugs would you still be all for “let everyone do what ever they want”?
    B. Had “you” consulted With a rabbi before writing this post? not sure that posting your opinion for thousands of readers is not sort of a robocall….
    C. lets get this clear, no body has in issue with this store being opened some were else, what bothering many people is that this store is clearly lowering the level of Tznius in town – something that I don’t think can be denied. In matter of fact isn’t that what their all proud of, “offering a hole new level etc.”?

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