• Comprehensive LEGOLAND NY Review
    We have Been eagerly awaiting the opening of lego land in Goshen, NY and the park did not disappoint. Tickets are expensive 89.99 per person (kids 2 and under are free.) But the park was amazing! There were rides for all ages- next to each big ride there was a corresponding kiddie ride for the little ones. Here’s a list of our favorite rides! Lego Factory adventure ride This one was an adorable ride for all ages it’s a fully immersive ride experience And we all loved it! Ninjago ride Was so fun and gets everyone involved by having you … Read more
  • Comprehensive Road Trip Guide
    We made some lists to help get you on the road this summer! No kosher food establishments aren’t an issue when you plan ahead. So we made a food shopping list with the things we like to take with us. It’s best to come prepared so that you can focus on having a great vacation with your family. Remember to prepare a playlist with your favorite tunes so you can blast the music as soon as you hit the highway! Pop-Up 4 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster – Only $39.99 It is normal to have a 'new smell' when using … Read more