Tu B’shvat: A Fruity Feast


Tu B’shvat is the New Year for the trees. It’s a day that usually passes me by with nary a glance at the fabulous dried fruit displayed at the grocery.

One of my employees was discussing how her mother always cooks a special meal in honor of the day and invites all the married siblings.

I loved the idea and decided I want this to be the tradition in my own home.

   I had these apple napkins from Rosh Hashana and I’m so happy I found another use for them. The apple place cards were a great way to involve the kids and the cutting and coloring kept them busy!  

I found this super easy recipe for orange chicken which came out delicious and looks beautiful.

  I garnished the basmati rice with some cranberries and baked apples in Ramekins with drizzled honey and cinnamon on top!  

We had a really nice dinner, discussed the meaning of Tu B’shvat, and appreciated http://windhampharmacy.com/zithromax.htm food we usually take for granted.  

I think it’s safe to say a tradition was born:)

  (See sefer Nitei Gavriel chelek ‘Purim’ on the various customs of Tu Beshevat including a minhag to eat from the esrog that was ‘davened’ with on Hoshana Rabbah)

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