Yossi turns 3



Still coming to terms that my lil guy is getting bigger but his Yalmurka and tzizis are kind of forcing me to face it. This past Sunday my son had an upsherin and firemen was the theme so of course we went all out and painted the town red!

Preparing for an upsherin allowed for so much fun and creativity!
I put more energy into the decor cuz cooking for a crowd is not my thing!
I chose to order bagels and spreads so I only needed to prepare a salad bar!
Not serving hot food allowed me to be more present,since I wasn’t busy keeping things warm, dealing with sternos or the like.

Best choice I made (although pricey) was hiring an entertainer for the kids.
She kept the kids occupied and allowed the parents to enjoy!

I had so much fun prepping for this since my son was so involved! Go for a theme that your child will enjoy, it will make all the difference!

Acrylic Donut/bagel Stands  – Only $22.27 – Get it HERE

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Beverage Dispenser – 1.75 gallon – only $14.88 – Get it HERE

Gumball machine (takes 5 minutes to put it together!) – Only $109.00 – Get it HERE


850 dubble bubble gumballs – Only $48.97 (under 6 cents a gumball!) Get it HERE

Firefighter Party Paper Straws – 24 ct – Only $5.42 – Get it HERE

48 fireman hats – Only $21.99 – Get it HERE

Fire truck boxes – Only $8.60 for 12 or $13.26 for 24! – Get it HERE

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Mini Metal Bucket-Initial – Only $10.99 – Get it HERE



Hope you enjoy – leave your comments below!

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