Celebrating the new year with an old vibe

For this year’s table we went with a vintage orchard theme. Apples symbolize the sweetness we wish for in the coming year. After the past year which was marred by the Novel Coronavirus, there is nothing we need more than an abundance of sweetness.

May Hashem grant all of us with a “happy sweet new year!“

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Our Jewelry Launch!

Sitting in English class together, Sara and I would never have guessed where we would be just a few short years later!

Sara of Tilyon Jewelry used her attention to detail to create beautiful pieces of jewelry and developed a brand that can be found in stores nationally. So when the idea of creating a jewelry line came up, Tilyon Jewelry was the obvious choice to produce the pieces I designed.

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Making your week a little shorter; Kids things to do, watch, & read

We compiled a long list of ideas to keep the kids busy with fantastic kosher content. From DIY haggadahs to coloring books and educational sites, we hope your week just a got a little easier.

Additionally, we compiled hundreds of hours of videos – long ones so you don’t need to constantly change it!

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‘China’s Black Friday’ My top Ali Express Deals

Today is China’s, and the world’s, biggest online sale day. Think of it as the Chinese Cyber Monday!

MetziahsAli, which just turned a year old, curates the millions of items on Ali Express bringing you the best! From hats and shaitels to shoes and pajamas, our Ali section has you covered.

Concerned about quality & sizing? Just look for the verified icon –

that a member of the MetziahsAli team purchased the item ensuring that the product meets your standards.

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My Target Run



Sundays and Target have a few things in common….. none are that productive  … they both lead to some aimless wondering albeit joyful.

You know that place where you go to just air out and not purchase much but some cleaning supplies so you stay within  budget… but After passing all that cute clothing and the brand new (“stay all year”) lipstick, target’s cleaning supplies may or may not end up in the now populated red cart …..I mean who needs cleaning supplies anyways, especially on a Sunday;)

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