INFLATION – YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Normalizing the pinch

In the past grocery shopping was simple. you came, you shopped, and you left. Now with the steady increase in costs, we take pause and contemplate on the worthiness of each item we place into our cart! It’s not just the cost of food shopping that has changed but rather the cost of everything from luxuries to basics.

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Summer of the tropics

IMG_4813 (1)

Banana leaf clad women have been spotted at the fashion house of Dolce & Gabanna – And so the fad begins…we’ve seen banana and palm leaves adorn everything from Tote bags to towels and everything in between.

 And don’t get me started on the pineapple – who’s had the chance to make many appearances this summer – but let’s save that for a diff time! 

Below is a compilation of all the pretty greens for you to shop and welcome in to your closets, tables, & walls!

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